Every writer faces his or her fair share of discouraging thoughts, doubts, and fears about writing and selling books. For many of those writers, such fears emanate from anxiety about marketing far more than actually writing! Book marketing is very daunting for many writers—even seasoned, published authors deal with marketing concerns. New writers in particular may not have the foggiest idea of where to even begin, especially if they’ve never dealt with any type of marketing or promotional work before.

If you’ve put the time and effort into writing your book, don’t let your efforts be for naught! Take the plunge and start channeling the same energy and excitement into your marketing efforts as you put into writing your book.

Many of the book marketing fears authors experience stem from feelings of unworthiness. Maybe you’re having trouble overcoming a past failure. Maybe you’re wondering why anyone would want to come to you for answers to their problems. Maybe you’re worried that your book is going to be a bigger success than you know how to handle. If you have no prior experience with marketing, you’re probably wondering how to even approach self-promotion without appearing fake or unpolished.

Book marketing boils down to your knowledge of marketing and overcoming any fears you may have about promoting your platform. The first part is fairly easy: you seek out professionals or do your own research to learn the ins and outs of book promotion. This part may be straightforward, but assessing and learning to overcome your doubts is much more difficult for some authors.

Building an author platform isn’t easy, but self-doubt or feelings of unworthiness of any kind are only going to make it harder. If you are being authentic with your branding and consistently reflecting the values you claim to represent, your readers are going to see and appreciate this. Allow your best self to come through in your marketing efforts as much as it does in the books you write.

If you’re confident in your material and your expertise is enough to write a book, then you know that what you have to say has value to your readers. Channel that confidence into your marketing efforts. If you’re concerned about how your life will change after a success or worried about your image after a failure, remember that you’re not going to have to worry about either possibility if you never try.

After some reflection, you’ll more than likely realize that everything holding you back when it comes to marketing your book is in your head. Your experience and expertise put you in a position to help others succeed. External problems can be solved. You can hire a coach, build a budget, take a class, or spend a few weeks researching the latest tips from marketing professionals.

Your internal struggle is going to be the difficult part. Think about your doubts, which will more than likely stem from things you may not like about yourself or your past. Then, think about where or how you want to be instead. You’ll surprise yourself with how much clarity you can gain from simply taking the time to address your fears.  More often than not, you’ll find that all it takes to overcome them is to embrace your own genius and value.

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