Flying by the seat of your pants can create some really fun times. When it comes to writing and your author platform, the most successful authors have a plan. Many authors feel overwhelmed trying to write and build a platform at the same time. Let’s be clear: it is a juggling act that requires planning and boundaries.

Having a plan and a schedule are essential. Even as little as a half hour per day devoted to platform-building will help your book launch be more successful. If you have been writing for a while, you have already trained yourself, your family, and friends to leave you alone while writing. All you need to do is plan for another half an hour to an hour a day.  It is all a matter of scheduling.

If you are at the beginning of your writing journey, this is the time to start a schedule and set good boundaries to stick to the schedule. In my experience, if it isn’t scheduled, it won’t happen with any regularity. Put your daily tasks for author platform-building on our calendar along with your writing time.

If you are just beginning, there will be technology to figure out. Schedule the tech setup and learning curve into your platform-building time. Be gentle with yourself on the learning curve. It can be challenging. Give yourself permission to take it slowly and still move forward every day.

Some tech learning curve items that will help you:

  1. Keep your website clean and easy to update. Use something user friendly like WordPress, so that you can learn to update easily or hire a virtual assistant who can update quickly.
  1. Streamline your social media efforts. Choose one or two streams where your audience hangs out. Manage them with an easy-to-use posting platform like Hootsuite. You can post a week’s worth of posts within minutes.
  1. Write a blog post weekly or every other week. Consistency will help you build a strong following. Fresh content on a regular basis will also help your site’s SEO. A website platform like WordPress allows you to post and schedule your articles in a couple of minutes.
  1. A newsletter can be sent out once a quarter to let your fans know what you are up to.
  1. Both blogs and newsletters are great materials to send out to your email list as well. Keeping in touch with your list at least once a week without trying to sell them something will build trust with your followers.

Overwhelm is an author’s worst enemy. Authors who are overwhelmed end up doing nothing. Keep in mind that a platform is not built in one day and it is not reasonable to believe you can get everything up at once. Give yourself permission to take baby steps.