Tired Of Your Book Not Selling?

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Disappointed that after all of the hard work you put into writing your book no one is reading it…except your grandma and a few close friends?

I have written and published 8 books. My first one, published by Authorhouse was a disaster! Why?

  • No coaching
  • No platform building.
  • I pieced together articles from the Internet and tried to sell my books.

Juliet has been instrumental coaching me to build my author platform. She has patiently guided me through the process week to week and I’m constantly in touch with Juliet through phone or email. She is her bubbly, funny, and I enjoy working with her. It’s always fun talking with Juliet, as she keeps me on track with my mission!

Donna Slater, Business Consultant & Coach, Founder of Women4WomenClub

You don’t have to let a lack of sales shatter your dreams of literary success.

Woman Books fadeHere’s how I can help…..

Learn how to build an author platform that will get you known. Most authors don’t sell books because they suffer from the 4 Un’s

  • UNknown
  • UNclear
  • UNpackaged
  • UNproftiable

You will learn how to:

  • Build a digital marketing plan that works
  • Build an organic audience that will not only help you sell books, but also build your business
  • Learn how to develop great content that will keep your fans/ readers engaged and wanting more.
  • Get interviews and guest spots that will put you in front of more people than ever before

You will also receive our 6 week intensive Authorpreneur Workshop, which is a $997 Value, for FREE.

I want to say thanks so much! I had an awesome experience with Juliet’s writing guidance. I have to be honest, I wanted to write a book, but I was lost. She helped me get started and provided invaluable organization advice. It was great working with Juliet, walking me though the whole process and helped make an overwhelming process simple. She was there every step of the way and I am so grateful for that.

Ref Johnson, Calistoga, CA

Juliet is an excellent coach and mentor. She has helped me to get clear on what I need to write and publish my book. This has been a long process for me, but with her help, I found clarity, and have been able to move forwards.

Jenni Stone, Astrologist and author of 5 Effortless Ways To Make Your Life Go Better

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