Are You A Writer, Author, or Entrepreneur Who Is:

Writing a book

and has no idea what it takes to promote and build a following or movement around your topic

Struggling with how to

build an audience and marketing funnel to build a sustainable following of committed readers and fans who consume all of your paid and unpaid content.

Searching for a simple, proven process

for designing, promoting and delivering a marketing campaign that will propel your book to a bestseller and raise your expert visibility in the marketplace.

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, then here’s the solution:

A time-tested author platform formula that will help you turn your book into a tool that generates program and produces raving fan clients who tell the world about the impact of your work.

I’ll teach you an easy-to-use, step-by-step process for creating the audience who will help you launch your book to bestseller status.

Juliet ClarkDear Visionary Authorpreneur,

I love that you are here… searching for what’s next for you on your path to writing a book and building an audience around your intuitive gifts and your desire to impact lasting change in the lives of others. I love you already. 😉

You and I are not so different.  Not long ago I was doing what I love, writing and publishing books but deep down I knew that no matter how much money I poured into promotion, I could not buy a long- term audience that would sustain my lifestyle and grow into a group of raving fans. What I yearned for wasn’t going to happen overnight. No amount of money or magical thinking thrown at the problem was going to bring a solution.

The transformation I was searching for to build my book sales, audience, and business could only come from going on a deeper dive – a transformational journey – that would inspire the shifts in beliefs, behaviors, and skills necessary to create a true breakthrough in my business.

What I quickly discovered is that building an audience around my book and transitioning those readers into clients took much more work than anyone told me it would. In fact, the writing workshops I attend didn’t even mention this work. The message was…write your book…position yourself as an expert….and your business will explode!

So I rolled up my sleeves, took a deep breath and studied everything I could get my hands on. From the “psychology of change” to curriculum design models – I was on a mission to crack the code on how to design powerful, profitable author platform that become the “revenue engine” of an expert entrepreneur’s book business – starting with mine!

My first book sold about 25 copies course was launched in 2008. By the time my third book came out, I had built an online presence and sold over 25,000 copies. My book earned in 3 months more than I ever imagined possible. At last, I had the breakthrough I was looking for!

I had finally discovered a way to create the deeper impact I dreamed of while leveraging my knowledge and bringing in more readers and clients!


“I purchased Juliet’s Authorpreneur program because I am a new to the business of writing. Although writing has been a creative outlet for me for quite some time, I’ve just started to go public. Juliet’s program is just what I needed in order to get my feet in this overwhelming arena.  The program helped me understand the necessary jargon to get my online business started in the right direction.  Time is something I don’t have a lot of so her straight to the point presentations are exactly what I needed.  I definitely will be using Juliet’s other programs as the process of my eBook continues.”

Eduardo Martinez

Co-writer/ Contributor Eat, Pray. Love Made Me Do It

So, if you are ready to build a long- term audience, increase your book sales, and make a bigger Impact in the world you are in the right place.

  • Imagine having a book that is known for prompting positive change, transforming lives and delivering on your promise of results.
  • Imagine having an audience the delivers a following and a platform that can be transitioned into a long- term business presence.
  • Imagine finally moving beyond the limitations of being an unknown to being known and sought out as an expert.

If you want that… let’s explore how to take the stress and worry out of turning your intuitive genius into a revenue-producing platform that creates raving fan clients, recurring revenues and delivers on your promise of transformation.


Introducing… Launch Like A Pro

I want to share with you the exact formulas I’ve used to sell books that have provided a consistent stream recurring revenue. I’ll walk you step-by-step through my proven process for deciding who your niche audience is and how to attract, connect, and engage with them.

From here, we will look to your online presence – and build powerful connections with your niche audience. These will be transformed into book- marketing funnels that convert readers into higher levels of commitment to your movement. Ultimately, your connection with these readers will become the exact tool that will propel your book to #1 on launch day!

The Launch Like A Pro Program Will:

  • Eliminate the fears and concerns around putting your work into a step-by-step process
  • Give you a proven framework you can use to create powerful, profitable books and programs for years to come
  • Keep you on track so you don’t become overwhelmed by technology
  • Show you how to produce lead magnets that will connect with your audience’s needs and allow them to step- up to higher levels of commitment in your transformational process
  • Produce a platform and content that is authentic and resonates with who you are and your unique talents and gifts
  • Help you create compelling marketing copy, that converts to market your book and attract the audience you deserve
  • Leave you with a fully-designed, author platform that you are proud to offer and keeps readers engaged and coming back for more and stepping into programs and services

Here’s what other people are saying about Authorpreneur 1

“I had my book ready to go to the printer with another publisher. At the very last second they pulled the plug on my project. I was scrambling to find another publisher and fast as I was committed to have the book for upcoming events. Most of the publishers I spoke with wanted to price gouge me and said they couldn’t meet my deadline. Then a friend recommended I contact Juliet at Winsome Media. What a true blessing she has been. Not only are her prices more than fair and affordable but she exceeded my expectations on have the project done. She has even beat my original publisher potential release date. Thank you, Juliet!”

Jason Breitenfeld

Author – The Dangers of Drinking and Driving: The Jason Breitenfeld Story

Are you ready to create an Author Platform that becomes the epicenter of your book and your business and allows you to impact lasting change and create recurring revenues for years to come?

“As an emerging author, this program couldn’t have come at a better time! Needless to say, I learned so much, which I know will have an amazingly positive impact on everything I do as an author from this point forward. From developing the ideal niche audience to planning a well thought out publishing strategy, “Authorpreneur” is the author’s powerhouse for all-things success. I especially like how the program’s mission/catch phrase is “no author left behind.” Investing in this program ensures that you’ll be “in the know” when it comes to the art of being an author. While being a writer is hard work, “Authorpreneur” serves as your guide and can alleviate some of that stress.”

Eva Xanthopoulos

pen name PoetX

So what do you say? Will you go on this journey with me?


Here’s What’s Included in Launch Like A Pro:

How you begin the course greatly impacts how (or whether) you finish. In my Orientation I will walk you through four powerful steps to prepare you for your journey, solidify your commitment and get you clear about how you will show up and what you want to achieve.

Here’s my promise to you…

Taking you on a journey of turning your intuitive gift into a powerfully profitable book is a sacred partnership.

To that end, I want to share….

  • My DESIRE is to instill in you a belief that you can impact positive change and have a thriving book.
  • My VISION is you feeling clear, confident, committed and equipped to take your work to a bigger audience.
  • My COMMITMENT is to help you move through the fear and discomfort that comes from taking a stance for your work, your vision and your purpose. There are no accidents that you found this program.
  • My INVITATION is to go with your gut. If it feels right, say yes. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t say yes. There is no “hostage clause.” If you find it’s not for you, you get to bow out without shame.

Juliet has been instrumental coaching me to build my author platform. She has patiently guided me through the process week to week and I’m constantly in touch with Juliet through phone or email. She is her bubbly, funny, and I enjoy working with her. It’s always fun talking with Juliet, as she keeps me on track with my mission!

Donna Slater, Business Consultant & Coach, Founder of Women4WomenClub

THAT includes…

6-month password protected access to our super cool, state-of-the-art online learning platform

that will help you build a powerful, authentic book- marketing funnel.

Six powerful modules showcasing my proven exercises and information

that will help you build a powerful, authentic platform

Live Monthly Mastermind Community Call

where you can get personalized support with me on any part of your author platform and audience delivery. It’s here where we will celebrate your wins, tackle challenges, and provide answers how to transform your intuitive process and content into powerful audience building that will support your book sales for years.

Juliet is an excellent coach and mentor. She has helped me to get clear on what I need to write and publish my book. This has been a long process for me, but with her help, I found clarity, and have been able to move forwards.

Jenni Stone, Astrologist and author of 5 Effortless Ways To Make Your Life Go Better

Plus We Added Super Cool Bonuses For You!

Bonus #1: 3 One-on-One Coaching Calls

This training is designed to help you in the areas where you are stuck and move you forward at the same time you are building your platform.

Bonus #2: $500 Publishing BUCKS

When you invest in Authorprenuer 101, you will receive $500 in bonus bucks that you can apply to Authorpreneur 102 or one of our publishing packages.

YES! I am ready to create a profitable
author platform starting now!

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