juliet_medium“A book is a business. Branding, your message, and being a known quantity with a built-in fan base will all contribute to your book’s profitability and success.”

Platform Building Coach for Authors Juliet Dillon Clark is fiercely committed to guiding authors to achieve visibility and book sales so they can spread their messages and vision to a much wider audiences. Since 2010, she has been guiding authors to connect and engage their audiences organically and authentically so they can sell more books without wasting big bucks on useless promotions. What sets her apart from other book coaches is her emphasis on building an audience to create a built-in fan base before they publish.

A storyteller all her life, Juliet was always the one who could tell parents, the cops, or anyone else a great story to get out of a tight situation. She used that talent to write 3 best-selling detective novels. Today she demystifies the author platform building process so her clients can succeed even faster with her expertise and unwavering support.

Clients Rave:

If you are serious about writing and publishing your own book, Juliet will lead and guide you every step of the way.

Juliet Dillon Clark is tenacious, informed and on the cutting edge of the new platforms for publishing.

Juliet has been instrumental coaching me to build my author platform (from zero to hero and best-seller status)

A best-selling author of several books, Juliet’s perspectives have been features in the D.I.V.E Summit, WingzIt Magazine, as well as on influential blogs,podcasts, and radio shows, including This Little Parent Stayed Home.

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